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MWL Game Rules & Guidelines

MWL Game Rules 2017-18.pdf

MWL Guidelines & Team Responsibilities 2017-18.pdf


Entering Game Final Scores

The home team of each game is responsible for entering final score on MWL website by Sunday night each weekend.  After you log into the MWL website, click on the tab at the top labeled "Enter Scores." Click on the link below to see additional instructions and helpful hints for navigating key areas of the MWL website.

MWL Website Helper.pdf


Weather-Related Game Cancellation Policy

The away team decides whether or not they will be able to safely drive to the game based on weather forecast, road conditions, driving distance, etc.  Decision must be communicated to CYBA and the opposing team at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled start time.

Below are three most common cancellation scenarios and the steps required for each:
1) Canton Team Cancels Game Scheduled Outside of Canton 

  • Canton head coach must do the following ASAP:
    • Notify coach of host team
    • Notify CYBA via email sent to all of the following addresses:

2) Visiting Team Cancels Game Scheduled in Canton

  • Canton head coach must do the following ASAP:
    • Notify their team
    • Notify CYBA via email sent to all of the following addresses:

3) Town of Canton Cancels All School Activities 

  • CYBA Scheduling Coordinator will:
    • Update CYBA website immediately and send email notifications to all addresses associated with team roster
  • CYBA Leagues Coordinator will:
    • Update MWL website schedule and also add note to "Town News" section stating that all Canton home games have been canceled for that date
    • Contact Canton head coach within 3 days to coordinate makeup game